Why Tasmania should be on your travel bucket list


On a 30-degree day in Sydney, the JONES fashion team packed up their winter woollies and jumped on a plane to Australia’s only island state, Tasmania. Historic grazing properties, bushlands and refreshingly cool temperatures were there to greet them when they landed in Launceston.

The team was in town to shoot The Great Escape (see the full spread on page 98 of the winter issue) in the pristine wilderness of Tasmania. In between takes, they discovered that there is so much more to Tasmania than just the breathtaking scenery. Make the most of your next trip to Tassie with the team’s top travel tips.

Stay in Nature

Tasmania is home to some of Australia’s most spectacular and diverse natural landscapes. Fun fact: did you know that more than 40 per cent of the land in Tasmania is protected in state forests or national parks? From the rocky peaks of the highlands to the white sands of the east coast, these special places are as diverse as they are picturesque.

Nestled in the forests Tasmania’s East Coast mountains, the JONES team stayed in suitably cosy cabins at Currawong Lakes. Sitting on 2000 acres of bushland, this retreat offers the ultimate in off-grid luxury, and waking up to watch the mist rise off the water outside was an experience they won’t forget quickly. The lack of wi-fi meant the JONES team could switch off, immerse themselves in the natural surrounds and embrace the slower pace of life in country Tassie (although they did take a few videos to upload to Instagram later). Meryn and Richard Krimmer, the husband and wife team who run the lodge, and their adorable dog Birdie made them feel right at home.

Eat Local

A trip to Tasmania wouldn’t be complete without some seasonal local produce. The state is known for its fertile soil and specialty farms that produce everything from premium black truffles to award-winning cheese. During their stay, Meryn and Richard treated the JONES team to nourishing grain salads made from home-grown ingredients. One particularly memorable dinner featured share plates of lamb and roasted vegetables, garnished with herbs from their garden.

Get on the Road

Driving is the best way to explore Tasmania’s regions and discover beautiful areas. Why? When you see something beautiful you can simply pull over at one of the many view points and take a closer look. And that’s exactly what the JONES team did en route to the shoot locations. The crew drove through the Northern Midlands region to the Lake Leake area with model Jessica Clarke and aspiring model Birdie (AKA the family dog), stopping off at misty marshes and mountaintops. Birdie sat up front in the ute with Clarke as they travelled from location to location, and made a cute cameo in the shoot.

It’s the Simple Things

It sounds clichéd but it’s true, the highlight of the team’s trip was an evening spent sitting around a bonfire toasting marshmallows. As they argued over how burnt the marshmallow skins should be, and which colour tastes better, their big-city problems faded away. When it comes to lasting memories of their Tasmania trip, it doesn’t get much better than that.






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