Oyster magazine issue #109


This edition of Oyster magazine was directed, produced and edited by me with assistance from an amazing team. Read my interview with Finn Wolfhard from the issue here.

Whether you’re more “Time is a flat circle” or “The sun’ll come out tomorrow”, we humans are never going to stop trying to figure out what’s on the other side of that snooze button. But horoscopes and weather forecasts only get you so far, so we turned to a cast of boundary-pushing, open-minded cultural characters for their take on the future.

The more ambitious among them predict world peace, life on Jupiter’s moon, and an erosion of the lines between creative disciplines where everything is ‘lit’; the sceptical see a future with no privacy (and no flying cars). In any case they’re driving things forward, sticking it to the man, and seizing the day — a vision of tomorrow we’ll happily get out of bed for.

Featuring exclusive shoots and interviews with Travis Scott, Emily Ratajkowski, Finn Wolfhard, Selah Marley, Jemima Kirke, Pro Era, Kilo Kish, India Menuez and more, this is Oyster Issue #109, The Tomorrow Issue. 






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