Oyster magazine issue #110


This edition of Oyster magazine was directed, produced and edited by me with assistance from an amazing team. Read my interviews with Chloe Wise and Deanna Fanning from the issue.

The club is a place where you really can lose yourself in the music/the moment (and where you’ve probably lost your phone at least five times). It’s also a place where you can find new friends — bonding in the bathroom line or experiencing temporary euphoria and zero self‑awareness on a sweaty dance floor. Alexandra Myshalov, a person we interviewed for this issue, wisely told us, “At its best, the club can offer a taste of utopia.”

That little slice of paradise is something we’re searching for in these topsy‑turvy times, so we looked to the artists who are pushing inclusivity forward, the communities and movements they are creating, and the ties that bind. While some prefer to fly solo, all can agree that what the world needs now is family, whether blood or chosen, because in the timeless words of Mariah Carey: we belong together.

Featuring exclusive shoots and interviews with ABRA, Kacy Hill, Michael Pitt, Chloe Wise, Alia Shawkat, Sampha and more, this is Oyster Issue 110, The Club Issue. 






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